Protection for Those Who Are Forced To Flee

Throughout the history, human race has been encountering countless problems and have seen a lot of suffering. There were natural disasters, wars, terrorism, threats, security issues, diseases and many other conditions under which a person can no longer live in the place they are at, and they have no other option left but to flee the land. In today’s world and in the past, there have been times when the human race had problems and many other reasons due to which they have to abandon their very own houses and take protection in the tents or temporary places of different lands. It is not something new to present times, but in the history we can see the Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians fleeing from their lands and getting protection in other countries, and in today’s time the natural disasters like droughts, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and the most important of all terrorism and diseases have forced people to move away for example as seen by the victims of hurricane Katrina, Jordan or Syrian refugees etc. There are many ways to get accommodation in the temporary facilities.

Refugee Shelter

The most important component of all the things is a place to live in and such basic types of structures constructed or created in the repercussion of disaster or conflict is called as refugee shelter. These are very basic and temporary residence facility for the sufferers. Whenever these kinds of protections are planned the most important aspect is to look for the place over which the settlement has to be provided. In many cases after the disaster, the place is usually filled with dirt, rocks, stagnant water reservoirs, limited space and noise. Hence it becomes difficult to provide relief services in that area and it is critical to plan the structures and designs properly.

Because in the post disaster phase, the sufferers will have a complete or partial breakdown of communication and supplies from the society and economically therefore refugee shelter should be of priority as it provides protection. There are some requirements that should be considered for example; it is advisable that such materials should be preferred which are familiar among the people of that land, and they should have a fairly good idea of how to use those materials. Also the structure should be easy to assemble and should provide as much protection from environmental hazards as possible.


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