A Ten Minutes Life Saving Guide For You!

We all may have heard about the disaster relief supplies, however when it comes to their application, benefits and usage we may have faded answers as in how can they be of help to us. Following are some useful facts and information that may help one in improving their know how about these items:


  • Life Saving: These items are design to perfection with a core aim of saving lives and avoiding wounds that may deprive one from managing a great escape in an event where a natural disaster may have struck the area.
  • Reliable: These core relief items are not ordinary stuffs that are made with an approach that is based on the luxurious angles. These are highly test and especially design to fit events where normal routine things may fail to work or help someone who is try to make an escape or buy survival time in order to allow major rescue teams to come for them.
  • Affordable: this is where many people get things wrong, they believe that these life saving items may be very high on rates. The truth however is other way round, i.e. they are low on costs and high on performance. They in addition are available to all and easy to access globally. This has helped many people to improve their level of awareness and familiarity with these core supplies that have the potential to make the difference real when it comes to save precious lives.
  • Easy To Carry: Don’t worry, they are not heavy, they are designed with an approach to make them lighter in weight and portable, allowing one to carry them along and use them to the fullest without going through tiresome efforts.
  • Lasting: use them, re-use them and use them again and they won’t disappoint you. Their lasting nature has won the heart of many, a good example for core relief items would be a tarp made tent that is test and manufactured in a way to ensure that it fits all weather types and offers one with a reliable shelter when he/she is in need of it.

Public awareness has entered next levels of understating as far as these relief items are concerned, most of them don’t want to wait for things to happen, they want to use a proactive approach where they can get things right, right from the word go. They don’t want to run here and there at the eleventh hour as that would not be a great idea.



Top 6 Features Of Tarpaulin

Tarpaulins or tarp is usually a plastic sheet with material made up of polyethylene or urethane coated canvas or polyester. It is used for a variety of purposes such as on structures during construction to protect against water and leaks. It is also used in leisure for camping, in sports as a field tarp to cover the sports field, in agriculture as cover over greenhouses and also serves hygiene purpose as it is used for making insect nets. It is also used to cover your vehicles and motorcycles.


The major purpose tarpaulin serves is that of humanitarian use. Tarpaulins are used as temporary shelters and refugee camps are made out of it to provide comfort and safety to refugees in cases of disasters. Following are the six features that make them popular:

  • Strong:

The strength of a tarpaulin refugee tent can be checked by it’s thickness, weight (in grams per square meter) and weave/mesh count. The thicker the tarpaulin, the more robust it is. The more the weight, and the more the number of threads per inch, the stronger it is.

  • Flexible:

It has great tensile strength which means it won’t easily get torn when you apply force on it. There are different materials out of which tarps are made. These comprise of polyethylene, canvas, vinyl and silnylon. What is common in between them is their higher tear strength.

The tensile strength and stretch-ability of tarpaulin lets you store it any way you want because it can then be rolled and folded with ease. Moreover, you can use it as a cover like a tent and it can also be used as a groundsheet.

  • Water Resistant:

This is one property which makes it more in demand when it comes to need of temporary refugee shelter. The water doesn’t seep through and it won’t leak through a refugee tent made u of tarpaulin. If it rains, you can remain dry under the tarpaulin tent.

  • Comfortable:

Best tarpaulin manufacturers make sure that the tent is easy to install so as to provide a quick private space that is dry and cosy. Refugee families can take temporary shelter under the refugee tents so as to be safe from weather and harassment.

  • Easy to Transport:

Tarpaulin is a versatile package that is easy to pack away. It can be easily transported from one place to another due to it’s light weight. People can easily hang the tarpaulin tents with them while hiking towards camping sites.

  • Affordable:

Tarpaulin manufacturers make inexpensive modern tarpaulins that are made from woven polyethylene. No matter whether it is made up of polyethylene or canvas or vinyl and no matter what purpose you want to buy it for, it is cheap.

Let It Shine At Night Affordably

The world is facing enormous challenges of global warming, deforestation and reduction of fossil fuel reservoirs, which means that we have to come up with better sources of energy that won’t exhaust with time, instead they can be reused. The fossil fuels are not only expensive to consume, but they are also adding to the global warming and the greenhouse effect. The production of pollution is one biggest side effect of this source of energy; this is why scientist from all around the globe has come up with better ways to light up the dark nights. Sun is one of the biggest sources of energy for the whole world and the scientists have successfully designed new ways to trap its energy that would otherwise go waste and harness it to brighten up the night. Such methods are of great importance to be used on the streets, where the vehicles and pedestrians are using it all night long and it makes the whole process of providing light at night at a much affordable price easy for not only the government but also for domestic use by the people at home and offices, etc.

Solar Light Suppliers

There are many solar light suppliers to choose from, but there are some features that every good fixture should have in order to provide the consumer with the best experience possible.  The do-it-yourself kind of fixtures is the most popular among the consumers as they need little to no skill in installing and using, and you don’t have to take out trenches or wirings to make it working. They are easy to install and use. There is not much maintenance needed and they are pretty good to go for a very long period of time, with a little cleaning after rain or storm, these can last for a good period of time.

Also, they LED fixtures can prove excellent for so many reasons, it needs very less power from the source to work, which means that the battery can stay functioning well for a longer period of time, which in turn maintains the efficiently of the battery and the whole units. When choosing from solar light suppliers, always make sure that it uses the LED light, also because they have good durability and tends to stay functional for a very long period of time and stay bright.

Protection for Those Who Are Forced To Flee

Throughout the history, human race has been encountering countless problems and have seen a lot of suffering. There were natural disasters, wars, terrorism, threats, security issues, diseases and many other conditions under which a person can no longer live in the place they are at, and they have no other option left but to flee the land. In today’s world and in the past, there have been times when the human race had problems and many other reasons due to which they have to abandon their very own houses and take protection in the tents or temporary places of different lands. It is not something new to present times, but in the history we can see the Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians fleeing from their lands and getting protection in other countries, and in today’s time the natural disasters like droughts, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and the most important of all terrorism and diseases have forced people to move away for example as seen by the victims of hurricane Katrina, Jordan or Syrian refugees etc. There are many ways to get accommodation in the temporary facilities.

Refugee Shelter

The most important component of all the things is a place to live in and such basic types of structures constructed or created in the repercussion of disaster or conflict is called as refugee shelter. These are very basic and temporary residence facility for the sufferers. Whenever these kinds of protections are planned the most important aspect is to look for the place over which the settlement has to be provided. In many cases after the disaster, the place is usually filled with dirt, rocks, stagnant water reservoirs, limited space and noise. Hence it becomes difficult to provide relief services in that area and it is critical to plan the structures and designs properly.

Because in the post disaster phase, the sufferers will have a complete or partial breakdown of communication and supplies from the society and economically therefore refugee shelter should be of priority as it provides protection. There are some requirements that should be considered for example; it is advisable that such materials should be preferred which are familiar among the people of that land, and they should have a fairly good idea of how to use those materials. Also the structure should be easy to assemble and should provide as much protection from environmental hazards as possible.

They Are Equally Important!

In an event of emergency when the area is being hit by a natural disaster, the situation may become out of control and things may appear blurring, until the major rescue time arrives. In such situations, one as a victim may have to go through a lot of stress. In such depressing moments where life is at stake, one looks for almost everything that can help him/her in rescuing from the affected area and disastrous scene as soon as possible.


Not very long ago, the scenario was pretty much different when compared to the said one above. People who used to be stuck in an affected area had to wait for the help to arrive and rescue the situation for them; however, with the passage of time, people have become more aware and alert. Their level of knowledge has been improved with the help of different TV programs and documentaries. They now know that there are some basic relief items both in the form of food and non-food items that may play a critical role in rescuing the situation for them in a crisis scene.

All these relief supplies are designed by specialists who have spent a major proportion of their lives in studying and understanding such situations, where natural and man-made disasters strike and makes life miserable for the sufferings. They have come up with a set of some smart non-food items that can play the role of life saving items. These items are tents for shelter, basic tools to help one in fighting situations where one may be trapped in a place from where evacuation is a must as soon as possible. These items are now easily available in markets and at very reasonable rates so as to enable maximum numbers of people to benefit from them.

Keeping The Doctors Away…

In the modern world where technology has seen some serious boom, there are few things that still are uncontrollable. This could well be the rising levels of pollution that are going upwards on a constant note and are making things difficult for the health officials’ world over. There are different types of diseases that have been added to the medical dictionaries in the past couple of decades or so. Most of them are being caused by various insecticidal bites. Human beings that are asked to work in open environments on projects that could well be construction or engineering projects or even in a disaster situation where people are forced to evacuate their residence and migrate to remote areas until the situation is under control. In such situations one’s body gets exposed to various threats, mainly to different insects.

Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets

In such situations, one must be backed with something reliable, long lasting insecticidal nets can be the best and relevant option here. They are lighter in weight, portable and affordable; this is where they have been successful in catching the attention of relief suppliers and the conventional customers. Over the years the graph for the use of these lasting nets has escalated upwards dramatically. They are safer when compared to the fumigation and insecticidal sprays which have other associated risks with them.

While these long lasting insecticidal nets of course, are risk free and can be used as and when required. People in the modern age are of the view to go to a proactive approach so you may find many who have kept a couple of these nets in stock because they don’t want to act at the eleventh hour. They want to ensure that they are in the green and safe zone always, have you got one for yourself?

All One Need Is A Professional Help During Crisis Moments…

When stuck in a crisis situation, you simply don’t want to rely on unprofessional helping hands. At times the situation after a natural disaster has struck is not that bad, however the unprofessional and unprepared approach may make things worse and the end results may not help the cause. What could have been an easy job of saving one’s precious life because a failure and it really is a heartbreaking situation, to avoid such situations, many core relief items and service providers worked hard day and night, so as to design stuff that can play a legitimate role during a crisis situation.


There are many highly reputable names like NRS-International and many others that has been working with a close eye on these changing demands and needs. The positive news is that they have succeeded in their mission to a great extent and have come up with tools and core relief items that have helped many while fighting for survival.

With these specialists that are constantly focusing on quality and relevancy the ratio between the winning and losing of life and death has improved and most of the times you will notice that life is on the winning side. We at times take things for granted, however if we give it a serious thought then these organizations, i.e. NRS-International  and many others really deserve a big round of applause for their commitment and high-end services in this field where everything is about saving a life and rescuing the situation all the time.