Why Do We Need To Use Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets?

Mosquitoes are the main reason behind the spread of various diseases like Malaria and Dengue Virus. They are the most threatening and life taking viruses which most of the under-developed Asian and African countries are effecting from. They have been taking the lives of thousands of people annually.

To cope with the problem of these viruses and to save the lives of the people of these under-developed countries, it is really important to make sure that we promote the use of the long lasting insecticidal nets. That will certainly help those people cope with the viruses which are spread by mosquitoes.

Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets
Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets

Some facts and figures:

Following facts will help us understand the need of creating awareness among the people of Africa and Asia about the use of the nets.

  • More than 90% of the total deaths because of Malaria occurs in Africa and Asia.
  • The 77% of the reports about at least one type of insecticide resistance.
  • Whereas, 80% of the countries have reported resistance against more than one insecticide class.

How to avoid viruses spread by mosquitoes?

The viruses spread by the mosquitoes can only be stopped by using nets which don’t allow them to pass through them. Nowadays, there are also some insecticidal treated nets which kill mosquitoes. So we can use both of them to remain safe from the life taking viruses.

Insecticidal Nets
Insecticidal Nets

Benefits of insecticidal nets:

Following are the benefits of the insecticidal nets.


The insecticidal nets are treated with the chemical and insecticides which kills the mosquitoes when they sit on them. So they are more beneficial, because other nets won’t allow the mosquito to pass through them, but these nets will also kill them.


They protect us from viruses that can be caused by the mosquitoes. We can sleep without any disturbance which is caused quite often by their buzz.

Long Lasting:

They are made up of such material which lasts long. One can use them for years quite effectively. Apart from this benefit, they also are really cheap and affordable.


Malaria and Dengue are the devastating and threat full viruses which are transferred in human beings through mosquitoes. We need to create awareness among the people so they can use long lasting insecticidal nets which would keep them safe from such life taking viruses.


Keeping The Doctors Away…

In the modern world where technology has seen some serious boom, there are few things that still are uncontrollable. This could well be the rising levels of pollution that are going upwards on a constant note and are making things difficult for the health officials’ world over. There are different types of diseases that have been added to the medical dictionaries in the past couple of decades or so. Most of them are being caused by various insecticidal bites. Human beings that are asked to work in open environments on projects that could well be construction or engineering projects or even in a disaster situation where people are forced to evacuate their residence and migrate to remote areas until the situation is under control. In such situations one’s body gets exposed to various threats, mainly to different insects.

Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets

In such situations, one must be backed with something reliable, long lasting insecticidal nets can be the best and relevant option here. They are lighter in weight, portable and affordable; this is where they have been successful in catching the attention of relief suppliers and the conventional customers. Over the years the graph for the use of these lasting nets has escalated upwards dramatically. They are safer when compared to the fumigation and insecticidal sprays which have other associated risks with them.

While these long lasting insecticidal nets of course, are risk free and can be used as and when required. People in the modern age are of the view to go to a proactive approach so you may find many who have kept a couple of these nets in stock because they don’t want to act at the eleventh hour. They want to ensure that they are in the green and safe zone always, have you got one for yourself?